Full Review + Swatches: Colourpop Ultra Mattes (Highball, Solow, Bumble)

Hello!!! I’m finally back with the full review of Colourpop Ultra Mattes (as promised) So excited!  

The shades I managed to buy are Bumble, Solow & Highball


Bumble – a deep terra cotta

Solow – neautral nude pink

Highball – pretty red-pink

These liquid lipsticks just set in your lips for about half of minute! Then they turn out to be smudge & kissproof! The size of the applicator is ideal for you to apply it precisely on the lips.

It’s really really drying. It’s not moisturizing at all. So it should not be surprised why these are called ULTRA MATTE. I mean, it’s in the name. Exfoliate & moisturize your lips properly before having them on!

A kind reminder, I wouldnt suggest you guys to apply multiple layers of this, because lips tend to get cakey as well. Just with one swipe, you are able to cover all things.

Longevity? It’s super long, up to 5 hours without eating / drinking. It may fade when you eat oily food. Does it transfer? Yeap a bit when drinking. But the color is still there.

Since it’s ULTRA matte & KISSPROOF, it’s so hard to take it off. I use Vaseline to remove the lipstick (be gentle when u remove it. Dont rub your lips)

Overall, i think Colourpop Ultra Matte is okay. Not to mention, around $6 , or RM 38 in Malaysia I guess? – a steal for the quality youre getting. 

Will I repurchase? YES, honestly i’ll repurchase these. Theyre totally a steal! $6 for a long wearing liquid lipstick, it’s truly amazing! 💜💚

Shades I’ll be getting next? Donut, Mars, Creeper, Succulent, Shimmy, Trap, 1st Base, Avenue aghhh still deciding! p/s: More new shades were just in 😉 

Thanks for your time reading. Hope u find it helpful ✨

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3 thoughts on “Full Review + Swatches: Colourpop Ultra Mattes (Highball, Solow, Bumble)

    1. Hai Hannah, you can purchase it through my shop. We sell the cheapest price of ColourPop in Indonesia. Contact us through Line: toms.idshop
      Instagram: toms.idshop


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