Colourpop Kitty To Go Set Review & Swatches

Hey there!!! I know I’m never too late to have the holiday mini set from Colourpop!!! yes it’s no longer holiday but… The ultra matte shades in Kitty To Go Mini set are so mesmerizing!! 


  • SIZE : 3 times smaller than the original ultra matte
  • Color pay off : super duper great
  • Price : Not worth it. Add $2 on each then you’ll get the full sized one. better go for actual size. I’m not sure whether they have these shades sold individually on the website? so far I tak jumpa lagi. BUT if youre interested to try something from Colourpop, this one is okay
  • this is great for travelling!
  • Color selection : I love all of the colors!! Especially Bianca and Glitter ._.
  • Texture : Dry matte, just like the original size of ultra mattes (the new formulation one)


has a lil hint of brown
soft pink and a bit of purple?

it’s actually like neon pink tapi tak too much of pink?


my first attempt of wearing purple. love this color a lot
nice. almost similar to my nyx alabama, but this one deeper

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