Review: Flower Chimp

“Roses are red, Violets are blue. Send me flowers, and I’ll love you!”

Hi there! When was the last time you bought flowers for someone? I realized that flowers are a wonderful thing that should be sent much more often (same goes to makeups! :P) therefore I was happy to bump into Flower Chimp! Flower Chimp is a flower & gifting website that delivers flowers for any occasion, and even on the same day if needed. So, I’m going to tell you a bit more about it – Have fun reading!


Flower Chimp started operating in Malaysia just two months ago, but they are already shipping to any place in Klang Valley! The good thing is the delivery charge is always included, so even if you live in a remote town, you will still only pay the price of the flowers, without any hidden delivery charges.
Do not worry when you have forgotten someone’s birthday! In that case they even offer free same day delivery if you order before noon of that day. Another nice addition is the customized card message – Flower Chimp always includes a card with the flowers and you can decide on the text of it to send your personal message alongside.
There is really a lot. I mean it, there’s a lot! They have everything from flowers commonly found in Malaysia such as orchids and gerberas, but also imported flowers from Holland like flowers. With this assortment, there is something for every taste and every occasion. The good thing is that all flowers are sorted into categories such as anniversary, birthday, or romance, so that even those who are not so familiar with the meaning of flowers are safe to make the right choice.


Flower Chimp categorizes their flower gifts in few categories!
My favorites from the Romance category! ❤️
The flowers start from less than RM100, always including delivery. For RM79 for example, you can get a lovely bouquet of white daisies with red berries, or a bouquet of big yellow sunflowers for RM89. Orchids start from RM 129, there you will find mini orchids in different colours, coming already in a pot. Then there are a lot of bouquets and flower arrangement in the range of RM150-RM250 – these are really big flower surprises for special occasions. Moreover, there are also flower stands for occasions such as a graduation or a store opening.
While flowers find an occasion to be sent all you long – for birthdays, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day – there is always a special section for the festive seasons. Right now, there is a range of hampers available, such as from Godiva and Lavand, specially made for your Aidilfitri! Excited yet? Lavand is actually a local producer of hand-made hampers, based in Kuala Lumpur. There are chocolate dates, baklavas, and many more treats for the sweet tooth.

5. CUSTOMER SERVICE. They are available on live chat, in case you need some help ❤️ Or directly call their hotline for direct response! 
If you have any question, don’t hesitate to comment below 😉

Enjoy sending some smiles with Flower Chimp, girls! 

For all orders placed in June, I have a special for you – use the voucher code ALIA25 when you make an order to get an extra RM25 off!
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